As the bearers of an initiative to Subotica become a new member of Art Nouveau Network, working group will give us a brand new and wiser possibilities for extension work on the popularization of heritage, heritage fund of knowledge of Subotica in the future development of the active cooperation between citizens, experts, civil society, organizations and institutions.
All projects in the future will present a multimedia overview of the research results, with the potential to provide the field with new cultural historical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the history and life in Municipality of Subotica. A societal benefit of the project is the development of models relevant to the places and contexts studied, in order to be able to better the implementation of routines for management and cooperation between all stakeholders in local community.

The main goals of working group are to develop a creative and innovative multimedia strategies dedicated to promoting active participation and encouraging sustainable regional cooperation in the sphere of protection and preservation of cultural heritage at local, national and international level with:

- Cooperative manner of working together, appreciating diversity of values, experiences and backgrounds
- Participation of the main stakeholders at all levels throughout project cycle
- Equal access and participation in effective and efficient way of working
- Cohesion with all relevant national, European and Word documents relating to the protection of cultural heritage and citizens initiative
- Visuals compliance with local, national and international standards and city branding strategies

Furthermore the projects with contemporary research methods to rural areas, promotional and artistic management will emphasize the cultural history, as well as the tourist trade in order to stimulate creative new ways to develop and strengthen the region.

Working motivation of participants, demonstrated individual initiative of young citizens and local institutions and organizations representatives, as well as the general public, media, cultural and educational structure, will be the basic parameters and values of the success of this project, and for future work as well where sustainable and heritage projects will met the highest quality professional standards.

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